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Blessed Beans

Blessed Beans are a fair trade, shade grown, specialty coffee. 
They are from the mountains of Loja, Ecuador, brought to the sunny west coast of California, USA. 
This coffee product is intentionally made in small batches to help jump start your day.

A lot of people start their day with a cup of coffee.  We are all seeking to get that coffee fix
to jump start our day.  What if you got your fix but there was a spiritual connection happening. 
You are getting the peace, connection, motivation to really start your day.  I am activating the
crystals to enhance creativity and joy. Joy is the ultimate that we seek.  I want to help people manifest that for themselves each morning.  Remind people you really are doing a ritual when
you make your morning coffee.  You are honoring yourself in that you want to get the most out
of what your day has to offer, with the intention of creating joy and activating creativity. 
Give yourself that few minutes starting your day making your cup of coffee and set your intentions.  Utilize that morning ritual of self care to manifest the most out of each day. 

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